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Namo nimba gireeshaya, Kamalanayakayathe, Jeevasanthrana bharaya, Jagajjanmaadi hethave, veda vedantha vedhyaya, dasha rupadi dharine, sthothumthvam nasamartho smividehi karunam mahi.


Sampurna Suvarna Alankara Seva

I am thankful to His Holiness Shri Laxmi Nrusimha Swamy Varu for his eternal grace and affection being shown on us. In order to bless us and feast our mortal eyes with his immortal grandeur, His Holiness has thought of giving us "Vishwarupa Darshana" - adored in Gold and precious ornaments. For that He has inspired us to venture on the mega project of Sampoorna Suvarna Alankara and the project is going on war footing where in till now near about 3 KG worth golden ornaments studded with precious stones were made. Our next phase includes ornaments worth 5 KG gold for which I welcome you all to liberally donate and get His blessings. Archana will be performed on Karthika Paurnami (Jatara) and prasadam will be sent. 
 Shashwata Pooja Seva: Shashwata Pooja is the scheme wherein the devotees can opt for their desired date on which archana is performed and prasadam will be sent to the devotee. Rs.2500/- should be given and receipt should be taken from the trustee for the purpose. 

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