Pushya Saptahotsavam

There is an interesting story attached to this uthsavam. 76 years back i.e. roughly in 1924 – 25 Bheemgal village was attacked by “plague” disease which localities call it as Rat – falling. The epidemic did not show any symbol of retreat. Worried over this the Brahmans have owed (Mudupu) to Shri Laxmi Nrusimha Swamy that if they get rid of that deadly epidemic they would perform Bhagavatha Saptaha and Anna Dana. To their good luck and by the mercy of Him, soon the plague vanished and thus started this Saptaha Uthsavam. Till this day this custom of MUDUPU (money is tied in a piece of cloth in front of Mula Virat and they Pray about the desire to be full filled) is very much prevalent in the temple. The belief is that any desire will get fulfilled with Mudupu. The Pushya Saptahotsavam starts from Pushya Paurnami and culminates on the Pushya Bahula Saptami. Every day of these eight days, in the afternoon Anna Dana is performed and in the night seva is taken out on Surya, Chandra, Shesha, Hamsa, Hanuman, Garuda, Ashwa, Gaja Vahanas. Eighth day culminates with Dolothsavam in the night and day long chinna Garuda seva in Garbhalaya itself. Generally Anna Dana is done by one person on one day. Even for this, devotees pray for fulfillment of desires and prevailing fact is that whatever one desires and owe for annadana in pushyasapthaha it gets fulfilled, such is the affection of Shri Laxmi Nrusimha Varu on his devotees.