This uthsavam is celebrated in the month of Vaishaka. It is also called as “Narasimha Navarathri” uthsavam that starts on Vaishaka Shudha Shasti.

  • Vaishaka Shudha Shasti – Deeparadhana Abhyangam, Surya Vahana seva (at 8 P.M.).
  • Vaishaka Shudha Saptami – Chandra Vahana Seva (at 8 P.M).
  • Vaishaka Shudha Ashtami – Hamsa Vahana Seva (at 8 P.M).
  • Vaishaka Shudha Navami – Shesha Vahana Seva (at 8 P.M).
  • Vaishaka Shudha Dashami – Ashwa Vahana Seva (at 8 P.M).
  • Vaishaka Shudha Ekadasi – Hanumadwahana Seva (at 8 P.M).
  • Vaishaka Shudha Dwadashi – Grama Pradakshanam at 6. pm Gaja vahana Seva (at 8 P.M).
  • Vaishaka Shudha Trayodashi – Chinna Garuda Seva at 8 P.M.
  • Vaishaka Shudha Chaturdashi –  Nrusimha Janmam at 6 P.M and Dolothsavam at 9 P.M.
  • Vaishaka Paurnami – Pedda Garuda Seva in the midnight of Paurnami at 12.30 am. Sri Swamy Varu is taken out on Garuda Seva and the Procession goes up to the out skirts of village and by early morning it comes back to the temple. With this Jayanthi Uthsavam culminates. This uthsavam takes place in the Gramalayam (temple town).