Literally means a ritual performed by lord Brahma. This is also known as Kalyanotsavam/Rathotsavam and Locally its widely known as “Jatara”. Shri Vari Brahmotsavam is celebrated in Sharathruthu, Karthika masa. Generally this falls in the month of November. It starts on Karthika Shudha Saptami and culminates on Karthika bahula Vidiya. It is performed according to Valakhilya samhita 
The program is as follows….

  • Karthika Shudha Shasti – Abhyangam to Uthsava Swamy – Uthsava Swamy is taken from temple town to the hill in Palanquin with all due respects and rituals.
  • Karthika Shudha Saptami – Deeparadhana and Ankurarpanam
  • Karthika Shudha Ashtami – Dhwajarohana.
  • Karthika Shudha Navami – Kushmanda navami, Sayam Prathar Homam, Balipradanam.
  • Karthika Shudha Dashami – Shri Vari Kalyanam, Laja Homan, Balipradanam.
  • Karthika Shudha Ekadasi -- Sayam Prathar Homam, Balipradanam.
  • Karthika Shudha Dwadashi – Utthana Dwadashi, tulasi vivaham, Konda Pradakshanam, Sayam Prathar Homam, Balipradanam.
  • Karthika Shudha Trayodashi – Sayam Prathar Homam, Balipradanam, Garuda Seva in the evening at 7 pm.
  • Karthika Shudha Chaturdashi – Sayam Prathar Homam, Balipradanam, Dolothsavam at Sitanagaram.
  • Karthika Shudha Paurnami – “RATHOTSAVAM” at 3.PM, Sayam Prathar Homam, Balipradanam.
  • Karthika Krishna Padyami – Shesha homam, Purnahuti, Bhagavatha Phalashruti, Snapana Tirumanjanam and Chakra theertham on Pushkarini; Pushpa yagam at 7 pm.
  • Karthika Krishna Vidiya – Devatodwasanam, Dhwaja Avarohanam, Udwasana Balipradanam, Konda Bali, Dolothsavam on Pushkarini – Uthsava Swamy returns back to the temple town in the evening in a grand procession and with saptavarna pooja Brahmotsavam culminates.

The highlight of this Uthsavam is Pushpayagam   which is performed on Karthika Krishna Padyami. It starts at 7. pm in the evening and continues up to the dawn of next day. Woman who do not have children do sit for this pooja and in the end are given Poludaram (sacred thread) which will fulfill their desire of having children with in a year, and same is with devotees who don’t get pairs and are unmarried are given the Kalyana Bashinga of Shri Varu which gives instant Phala. This can be given to only two devotees every year. Hence the first come, first serve.