Utsava Swamy

Utsava Swamy is the processional diety. As Mulavigraha can not be moved, utsava swamy presides over all the rituals that take place out of sanctum sanctorium. The Utsava swamy temple of Shri Laxmi Narasimha swamy is in the temple town of Bheemgal. It is in the old market place(Angadi Bazar). This procession diety is taken in Palanquin to the Hill temple at the time of Brahmotsavam. Jayanthyutsavam and Pushya saptahotsavam as well as Vasantotsavam are performed in this temple of Bheemgal only.(Utsava swamy Mandiram). For every devotee who visits hill temple i.e Limbadri gutta, it is a must for them to have darshan at this utsava swamy temple also.(In Bheemgal). And it is a compulsion with out which the pilgrimage or holy trip is incomplete. There is a large Nandi outside Bhimgal on the way from hill temple to temple town. This monorock Nandi has its antecedents to Nimbachalamahatyam.